Feeling dry and tight all day, with a regular occurrence of flaky patches? You're dealing with dry skin. Cure the dryness with these intensely hydrating products.

Dry Skin Type

  • Small or invisible pores
  • Dull, rough complexion
  • Red patches
  • Less elasticity, more visible lines
  • Often be made worse by weather, hormones, medications, indoor heat, ingredients in soaps, other products
  • Itchy and easily irritated skin
  • Skin looks rough with fine flakes and dry patches
  • Skin may appear red, or gray and ashy
  • Skin is more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, and cracks

COSRX Acne Pimple Master 24 patches

Finally, an acne treatment that treats acne for what it...

R 130 R 120

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 100ml

If you're into snail mucin, this essence has a whopping...

R 450

MISSHA All Around Safe Block Essence Sun - 50ml (SPF45 PA+++) (New)

Water and sweat resistantEssence sun cream nourishes and moisturizes skinwhile...

R 329 R 299


Give your skin a fresh cleanse with our Clean Dew...

R 99

Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser - 100ml (New)

nnisfree's Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser is a rich foaming cleanserwith...

R 199 R 150

Elizavecca Aqua Hyaluronic Acid Water Drop Cream 50ml

This refreshing cream is packed with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, soothing...

R 255

Elizavecca Witch Piggy Hell Pore Control Hyaluronic Acid

  Formulated with 97% hyaluronic acid and allantoin, this serum...

R 280

A'PIEU Madecassoside Cream 2X 50ml

A'PIEU Madecassoside Cream helps to improve damaged skin caused by...

R 290

A’pieu Glycolic Acid Cream

If you’re struggling with dullness and breakouts, you need a...

R 250

WELCOS KWAILNARA Super Aqua Moist Cleansing Foam - 150g

Super Aqua Moist Cleansing Foam with green cavier (sea grape),...

R 99

TIA'M Vita B3 Source - 40ml

Transform dull and uneven skin tone with serum that’s enriched...

R 480

Neuli Peony Acmella Antioxidant Serum - 80ml

Excellent antioxidant serum for Anti-aging. This Antioxidant serum contains paeony...

R 240

ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Moist Cream - 100ml

f there’s anyone we trust with our dry skin routine,...

R 470

FOR THE SKIN Hyaluron Moist Ampoule - 100ml

The ampoule containing 6 types of hyaluronic acid deliverselasticity and...

R 290

Etude House Soon Jung Panthensoside Sheetmask

This 100% bamboo sheet mask is perfect for healing damaged...

R 35

I'm Sorry For My Skin Jelly Mask Revitalizing

Enjoy your wine and beer? One too many drinks last...

R 45

The Saem Pure Natural Mask Ginseng

A mask sheet with ginseng extract that provides concentrated nutrition....

R 35

Missha Shea Butter Sheetmask

Missha Airy Fit Sheet Mask Shea Butter is a cream-type...

R 37

Missha Shea Red Ginseng Sheetmask

This sheet mask series from Missha boasts airy sheet masks...

R 37

Missha Shea Honey Sheetmask

This sheet mask series from Missha boasts airy sheet masks...

R 37

Peach Blossom LIME Pink Recovery Mask Firming Solution

A hypoallergenic mask infused with 25ml of highly-concentrated skin brightening  ampoule...

R 45

Anua Birch Moisture Mask

A lightweight sheet mask, suitable for all skin types.  Contains...

R 45

CNP Laboratory Vita Solution Ampoule Mask

A skin-rejuvenating face mask that revitalizes fatigued skin with a...

R 37

The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Sheetmask

The mask sheet drenched in a smooth serum with oil...

R 45

Dermal Cucumber Collagen Essence Sheet Mask

Dermal Cucumber Collagen Essence Mask is a new essence mask...

R 27

Etude House Soothing Moisture Sheetmask Aloe

Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask - Aloe (Soothing Moisture) is an...

R 27

I'm Sorry For My Skin pH5.5 Jelly Mask Moisture

A balancing sheet masked especially made to maintain the ideal...

R 27

COSRX Propolis Nourishing Magnet Sheet Mask

Nourishing, Moisturizing, Plumping, Anti-aging What it is: Enriched with propolis, royal...

R 90

Nature Republic Real Nature Sheetmask Bamboo

REAL NATURE BAMBOO MASK SHEET Bamboo extract reinforces the skin's...

R 90

TonyMoly Fresh To Go Yuja Mask Sheet

Fresh To Go Mask Sheet brings the fresh scent of...

R 40

TonyMoly Fresh To Go Coconut Mask Sheet

Fresh To Go Mask Sheet Coconut-based Korean facial mask for...

R 40

Beyond Herb Garden Peony Sheetmask

This gorgeously packaged sheet mask from Beyond works to give...

R 37

Farmstay Snail Visible Difference Sheetmask

  The FARMSTAY Visible Difference Mask Sheet is a simple...

R 27

Farmstay Collagen Visible Difference Sheetmask

Farm Stay Visible Difference Mask Sheet - Collagen SkincareFarm StayA...

R 27

May Island Vitamin Real Essence Sheetmask

Vitamin Refreshing Vitality (Damage control, Clear skin, Tone up) Directions...

R 27

May Island Aloe Real Essence Sheetmask

Aloe Moisture and Liveliness (Moisturizing, Skin Energy, Relax skin) Directions...

R 27

Holika Holika Cucumber Pure Essence Sheetmask

A cooling sheet mask. Reducing inflammation, Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet...

R 49

Holika Holika Strawberry Pure Essence Sheetmask

A nourishing sheet mask that moisturises the skin with effective...

R 49

Holika Holika Avocado Pure Essence Sheetmask

Soothing sheet mask with avocado extract intensely softens and moisturizes...

R 49

Miplay Real Tea Tree Toner Pad

These cleansing facial wipes are formulated with moisturizing ingredients that...

R 25